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Boorika hair combs are more than just your average comb! We understand that styling your hair can be a real challenge, so we’ve created a range of high-quality, reliable hair combs to make it easier and more fun. With years of experience in the salon supplies industry, we’re committed to delivering beautiful, affordable combs that will make you look and feel your best. Our mission is to be the number one brand of hair combs in the UK – so why not join us on our journey?


2019 was a big year for us – we started production of our first batch of 100 combs! They were made with the utmost care and precision, and we knew that they’d be a hit.


2020 was even better – we introduced our best selling wide tooth comb, which quickly became a customer favorite. We also began to experiment with new designs, always keeping in mind what our customers wanted.


2021 was an amazing year – we hit our milestone of 10,000+ combs sold! And to top it off, we released some truly creative new designs. Our mission was clear: become the number 1 combs brand in the UK


2022 was another successful year – we completed our target of 100,000+ combs sold! This allowed us to continue innovating and expanding our range of products.


We know that 2023 will be even better…

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